2021 Nebraska Affordable Housing Trust Fund Grant Application

Megan Weaver, Economic Development Director with Wakefield Progressive, has written two housing grant applications for $1 million in Nebraska Affordable Housing Trust Funds.  The funds would help with construction costs associated with the addition of 34 new rental units in Wakefield.  Approximately $97,600 will be used for grant administration and housing management functions which include project oversight, marketing of units, applicant eligibility, environmental reviews, draw-down requests and required reporting to Nebraska Department of Economic Development.  The remaining $902,400 will be used for the hard costs of construction on both projects.  Questions or comments regarding the two applications can be submitted to progresswake@outlook.com by April 29, 2021.

Residential Lots Available in Gustafson Third Addition

Interested parties should contact the City of Wakefield at 402-287-2080 for more information on available lots, lot sizes and price.

Down Payment Assistance Programs 

The Wakefield Residential Development Group (WRDG) currently has funds available for down payment assistance loans of up to 20% of the purchase price of the home.  The loans are 0% interest with no payments until you sell the house, pay-off your first mortgage or no longer use it as your primary residence.  To find out if you qualify,  complete an application and submit it to progresswake@outlook.com or drop it off at the Wakefield City Office, 405 Main Street, Wakefield, Nebraska 68784

Rural Workforce Housing Fund

In 2018, the City of Wakefield, Michael Foods, ENEL Green Power, and BankFirst partnered to provide matching funds for the Rural Workforce Housing Fund through the Department of Economic Development.  The total fund exceeded $960,000 and provides loans for down payment assistance, new construction (single/multi-family) and substantial rehabilitation projects throughout Wakefield. For more information on the Rural Workforce Housing Fund, contact Wayne Community Housing Development Corporation at 402-375-5266 or wchdc@wayneworks.org.

For additional information on available housing programs visit the following sites:

Nebraska Investment Finance Authority (NIFA)

USDA Rural Development

Federal Home Loan Bank

Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District (NENEDD)

Northeast Housing Initiative (NEHI, Inc.)

Wayne Community Housing Development Corporation (WCHDC)

Nebraska Housing Developers Association


What is Fair Housing?

Fair Housing is the right for all people to have safe, decent housing and be able to get this housing without discrimination, City, State, and Federal Fair Housing Laws require that all people have an equal opportunity to buy, rent, or live in housing.

Who is Protected?

Federal Fair Housing Laws prohibit discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status (children in home) or disability (physical or mental).

Recognizing Discrimination

Refusing to Deal – Refuse to sell, rent, lease, exchange, or negotiate for a dwelling

Different Terms/Conditions – Discrimination in the terms and/or conditions of a sale or rental of a dwelling

Misrepresentation Represent that an available dwelling is not available for inspection, sale or rental when it is a dwelling

Discriminatory Presentation -Say, publish, or display a discriminatory preference with respect to a sale or rental of a dwelling

Steering -Engage in directing anyone or discriminate in the terms or conditions of a loan based on discriminatory reasons.

Unequal Financing- Deny a loan to anyone or discriminate in the terms or conditions of a loan based on discriminatory reasons.

Blockbusting – Engage in panic-selling by representing that the racial composition of a neighborhood is going to change

What Can I Do?

If you think your rights have been violated, you may file a complaint online, write a letter or telephone the HUD Office nearest you.  You have one year after the alleged discrimination occurred or ended to file a complaint with HUD, but you should file it as soon as possible.

For questions about the meaning and application of the law, or questions on how to file a complaint, please contact U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Gateway Tower ll, 400 Sate Avenue, Room 200, 4th Floor, Kansas City, KS 66101-2406.  Telephone (913) 551-6958 or 1-800-743-5323, Fax (913) 551-6856 *TTY (913) 551-6972.

The City of Wakefield is a supporter of fair housing laws. The City of Wakefield’s fair housing representative can be reached at (402) 287-2080.

Fair Housing Booklet (English)

Fair Housing Booklet (Spanish)