The City of Wakefield is currently conducting a Community Housing Study with Strategies for Affordable Housing.

This Community Housing Study includes both a “Citizen Housing Survey” for all residents, as well as a “Workforce Housing Needs Survey” for local major employers and businesses.  The Wakefield  citizenry and local employees are encouraged to participate.

English and Spanish versions of the survey can be found below. Hard copies of the survey will be available at City Hall and Gardner Public Library.  All surveys are to be completed by Friday, March 2nd.   Hard copies of the survey can be drop off at the City Office at 405 Main Street.

We appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey.  Questions and/or concerns regarding the Wakefield Community Housing Study can be directed to Jim Litchfield, Wakefield City Administrator, at 402-287-2080 or


Citizen Survey

Citizen Survey (Spanish)


Workforce Survey

Workforce Survey (Spanish)

Lots available in Gustafson’s Estates Second Addition for Residential Housing.

Gust. Estate 2nd Addition


Interested parties should contact the City of Wakefield at 402-287-2080 for more information on available lots, lot sizes and price.