Wakefield Economic Development Program-LB840

The purpose and goal of the Wakefield Economic Development program is to retain current businesses, attract new businesses, and provide opportunities in Wakefield to keep the community, its school, and its social and economic life vibrant; to create jobs and generate employment opportunities; to expand the labor markets of Wakefield and its environs; to attract new capital investment to the community; to broaden the tax-base; to provide economic diversification to ensure economic stability and vitality for the community of Wakefield and the surrounding area.

Check out eligible applicants and activities below.  Loan amounts will depend on receipts available in the LB840 Economic Development Fund budget at time of application.  Applications are available at 405 Main Street or if you would like to talk with the Program Administrator, Jim Litchfield, call 402-287-2080.

Small Loan- $5,000 and under. – Abbreviated application, zero % interest on loan, flexible pay back plan.

Large Loan-$5,000 to $25,000. – Complete application w/ business plan, low interest rates, easy payback.


Click for ED Program Guidelines

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Façade Improvement Grant Program

Improving & Beautifying Wakefield, One Storefront at a Time.

Attractive building facades in the City of Wakefield’s commercial business districts support and stimulate local business activity.  To encourage business owners to reinvest in their storefronts, the City offers grants to business owners to assist in the cost of façade renovations and improvements.  The program is funded by LB840 city sales tax.  The Façade Improvement Grant program is a reimbursement only program available on a one-time basis to business owners in the C-1, C-2 or C-3 commercial business districts of Wakefield.

For a list of eligible projects, guidelines, or an application, you can stop at the City Office at 405 Main Street . To talk with the program administrator call (402) 287-2080.


Wakefield Micro-Business Fund

The primary goal of the Wakefield Micro-Business Loan Fund is to assist for-profit businesses (new and existing), within the corporate limits of Wakefield, with new financing.  The Micro-Business Loan Fund is a revolving loan fund that will develop businesses, jobs, and wealth in the Wakefield area.  This program is operated by the Wakefield Residential Development Group, Inc (WRDG).  WRDG shall be responsible for the implementation of the program guidelines.  If you are interested in a Micro-Business loan, program guidelines and an application can be picked up at the City Office at 405 Main Street.