Economic Development

Basic economic activities of Wakefield include farming; cattle and hog feeding; poultry; egg production; and wholesale greenhouse flowers, organic vegetables, and landscape plant production.  The Wakefield area has grown considerably in the past decade.  Contributing to the increase was an $18,000,000 dried egg products facility for M. G. Waldbaum and the MPM Farms, a 2,400-cow dairy.

Some say, “There isn’t a bad egg in Wakefield.”  And to some extent it’s true!  Michael Foods Egg Products Company is one of the most innovative and successful egg and egg-product companies in the world.  While the egg division is the primary entity of the company, Michael Foods Egg Products Company expansion into other product lines has played a key role in the company’s international success.  Today, some 53 years after its founding, the Michael Foods Egg Products Company employs more than 2,000 people in seven states with approximately  800 people employed in Wakefield.

Downtown Redevelopment Plan

The Wakefield Downtown Master Plan is a guidebook for the growth of the downtown, including decisions pertaining to land use, capital investments, and infrastructure.  It was created through community involvement and considers all that will impact change.  Learn more about the final plan during a short presentation made by RDG Planning & Design.  Find the entire plan here.

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